“People who live in architectures are not for survival only, but for enjoying life and satisfying spiritual needs.”

Designers enjoy public space like other people. On the other hand, they are the founders who make the public space artistic. How artistic the designers perform in their heart?

Charlie Huang, art consultant of EXPO 2010 and chief designer and art consultant of Shanghai K11, insists on an artistic explanation for the design of public space. His enthusiasm towards the design of artistic devices has been motivated after contacting with ALUCOBOND®.

Charlie believes that artistic devices play an essential role in public space. With the help of artistic devices, architectures made of reinforced concrete represent a perfect match of strength and grace as well as colorful emotions.

The products of ALUCOBOND® have been widely used in exterior walls. If the architectures are decorated with appropriate artistic devices, distinctive effects may be brought for the whole space. It is the original intention of “Dialogues” designed by Charlie. Inspired by Rothko’s surrealism, the flat and colorful panels of ALUCOBOND® express the emotional changes through the combination of colors. The distinction between two colors balances the feelings on architectural cubage to realize the communication with viewers through colors.

“It is not a comparison. The feel of color depends on one’s emotion and perception. Dialogues with Mark Rothko’s masterpieces are often quiet and silent on the outside, but dramatic and exciting on the inside.”

Before change

After change

“Dialogues” is to realize the communication with viewers through colors. Only the changes of colors can reflect the emotions of different viewers. Therefore, changeable color blocks are one of the highlights of this artwork.

We believe those personalized and textured artworks can make your home or office classier!

So please buy them without any hesitation!

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