ln 1964,Dr. Dieter and his colleague Franz Luckey develop a new materialthat has lighter weight and stronger strength than solid aluminium material.


ln 1968, the first mature aluminium composite panel was trial-producedby them and given the name ” ALUCOBOND ”




lnitial panel tests 1968

ALUCOBOND® was graduated to mass production in the Singen plant,Germany in 1969, when it went from laboratory to factory.






Plant Singen,Germany

C&A store Brenninkmeyer Leverkusen-Deutschland 1970 The first project of  ALUCOBOND® .





C&A store Brennikmeyer Leverkusen-Deustschland

The first project of ALUCOBOND® in China.





Ranisson SAS Hotel Beijing

ALUCOBONDR® Production site was established in Shanghai 1999






Production site in Shanghai 1999

Plants of ALUCOBOND®


1969, ALUCOBOND® production commences at the Alusuisse facility in Singen, Germany

1990, A second site commenced production of ALUCOBONDR in Benton, Kentucky, USA

1997, A third ALUCOBOND® manufacturing base commenced production in Shanghai, China

2007,A fourth ALUCOBOND® manufacturing base commenced production in Mumbai, India



ALUCOBOND® production base worldwide

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