Style (I)

The word style derive from the Latin, stilusa stalk, writing utensil or stylus, because people in past times were able to recognise which utensil had been used to write a document. Today style refer to an era or epoch in art history or a geographic region’s particular ethnic and cultural style tradition.


The appearance of buildings from different eras still clearly reflects the style of the times. However, style revivals have often adopted features from the past and reinterpreted them in a contemporary form. Here, we would like to present some projects in ALUCOBOND® illustrating modern interpretations of typical architectural styles.



Project:Katsumata Theatre & Sports Complex

Project Location:Geelong, Australia

Architect/planner:James Deans & Associates

Construction:Cassettes-Special construction


Colour & Surface:Spectra Cupral, Indiana Copper

Year of Completion:2010

The Katsumata Centre at Kardinia International College was created as a tribute to the founder of the school and renowed educational advocate, Yoshimaro Katsumata. The external form of the main volume was developed by taking a Modernist derivd grid; the unique facade creates a striking , dynamic effect.

The logic was developed further within the facetted glass and ALUCOBOND® clad facade to reinterpret formal Modernist building language into a contemporary shape and a light-flooeded interior space.

Whilst the strange, expressionistic shape of the building might not be appropriate for an elderly day center, it is perfect for a high school, a place filled with young, modern aspiring people.

The design allows event organisers to transform the interior from a sports stadium into a fully functional theatre seating 1200 people in less than 15 minutes by means of mechanized daylight control, programmable lighting controls and an automated retractable seating system.

Project:Norveg Coast Centre
Project Location:Rorvik, Norway

Architect/planner:Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor

Construction:Riveted/ Screwed


Colour & Surface:Silver Metallic

Year of Completion:2004

The concept was to present an interpretation of an old ship’s sails leaning against the symbol of a modern day vessel and, by so doing, unite the past and the present in an architectural context. Norveg presents the Norwegian coastal culture.

Due to the severe coastal climate, the choice of materials was very important. The sails are made of ALUCOBOND® becasue of its durability, the main building is cast concrete using horizontal formwork boards to allude to the ship’s planks.

Norveg was nominated for the European Union Prize of Contemporary Architecture-Mies van der Rohe 2005, as well as further nominations and prizes.

The STYLE will be continued.

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