We would like to introduce you to ALUCOBOND® projects where colors,
surfaces and materiality offer inspiration for an
“autumn mood board”.
The glorious fusion of all nuances of
green, red, brown, yellow is captivating.
You might well create your own personal color palette for the autumn while listening to the
jazz classic “Autumn Leaves”

The first relates to the golden folded perforated aluminum veil which is wrapped around the three upper levels of the building, the ceramic frit on the glazed façade and the carpet design throughout the building – Ngoolark, the Carnaby’s Cockatoo.

The mastery of the design gives the building a three-dimensional shape from the street, while becoming completely transparent when viewed from the inside. Several shades of gold shimmer from dark to light, metallic to rose, depending on the way the sun hits the new Ngoolark Student Service building.

The Shubette house in London underwent a major redevelopment in 2013. The site is well known and well travelled as it sits at an intersection with a major pedestrian route connecting Wembley Park Underground Station and Wembley Stadium.
Interestingly, the former site housed an old clothing warehouse which was set for demolition in 1999.

The redesign required the construction of a mixed-purpose space used for commercial, residential and hospitality needs, resulting in one of Londin’s tallest modular designs.

Constructed in an L-shaped, the buildings are divided into a hospitality and residential space, although there is additional space for commercial and leisure activities at ground level.
Showcased as protruding window boxes, ALUCOBOND® PLUS spectra Cupral was chosen for the exterior design of the 237-room hotel. The versatility and constantly changing nature of the surface allows for a playful exterior. The panels frame each window to form a three-dimensional façade, which offers unique perspectives at every angle.

The DRT Group, leader in the green chemical industry with products based on pine resin, has its headquarters in Dax, France. It mirrors both the company history and its values such as innovation, quality, safety and the environment.
The cladding with ALUCOBOND® changes the color from green to bronze to rose-pink, depending on how the light falls, creating an allegorical parallel with forest tree tops in the autumnal sunlight. Vertical louvre-style sun protection interacts with the shimmering colour highlights and intensifies them.
From autumn to winter,
ALUCOBOND® always stay here beside you.

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