ALUCOBOND® meets VENTIGA in Shanghai


In October,
ALUCOBOND®, with its unbounded enthusiasm for creativity,
is participating in the art scene,
and interested parties can take a holiday stroll to it.

ALUCOBOND® meets VENTIGA in Shanghai

When ALUCOBOND ® meets Italian jewelry,
what will the two collide?

Just one day before the National Day holiday,
the artwork “Totem” from ALUCOBOND®
quietly arrived at the VENTIGA store in Hong Kong Square, Shanghai.
This is the reappearance of ALUCOBOND® in collaboration
with artist Charlie Huang and Italian jewelry brand VENTIGA.

VENTIGA was born in Valenza, Italy,
a small town with an international reputation
that has given birth to thousands of families of jewellery craftsmen.
1883 saw the Alighieri family open their first jewellery workshop
and in 1902, as time passed and the jewellery industry flourished,
they created the VENTIGA brand.

It brings the beauty of the Italian tradition
with a Western perspective on the aesthetics of the East.
For example, the FONTANA in the spring from the collection’s wishing well,
the TURANDOT·dragon scales with their layers of rigidity and flexibility,
and the TURANDOT·bamboo shape with Oriental implication …….

ALUCOBOND®, the inventor of the world’s first aluminium composite panel,
has been going above and beyond for fifty years,
exploring possibilities for architecture and space.
VENTIGA and ALUCOBOND® share the same design ingenuity,
the collision of East and West,
and the similarities between the two.

Starting with the oldest totem symbol,
belief has always accompanied the evolution of human beings.
After walking out of barbarism,
the forms of belief are no longer limited to gods and religions.
It also exists in the form of hope, serves as norm or alert.

The store doesn’t have enough space to reproduce the splendid of TOTEM at the moment
However, designer Charlie cleverly selected some of the pieces
and reassembled them in an alternative,
minimalist form that fits perfectly into the store’s design.

A carefully prepared gift that does not overpower the beauty of the jewellery,
but shines with a discreet self-effacement.
This is the literary quality of ALUCOBOND®.

TOTEM attracts passersby to stop and look,
and some even raise their cameras to capture the beauty.

Show Time:from 1st October 2020
Business Time:10:00-22:00

Address:VENTIGA store, Hong Kong Square, Shanghai

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