Celebrating Fifty Years of ALUCOBOND®


In 1969, aluminum composite panels from ALUCOBOND®
left the laboratory for the market.
In 1999, ALUCOBOND® made its way to China.
This year,
ALUCOBOND® is set to embrace 50 years of development worldwide,
and 20 years in China.
Celebrations to mark this milestone anniversary were held successfully
in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province of China on October 21st.

Plant Tour in the Morning

162 guests from 23 countries

joined a plant tour of ALUCOBOND® in Changzhou.

The Changzhou plant was renovated in July of this year.

This transformation primarily uses the newly introduced “Terra”

that has a shining texture.

The original NEXT exhibition hall has been expanded.

It not only retains the connotation of ALUCOBOND® NEXT,

but also expands its sunlight room to create a sense of breathing.

The interior transformation has made our industrial-style offices more modern.

The artworks on display also enhance the cultural atmosphere.

Conference in the Afternoon

Every ALUCOBOND®’s project cannot be achieved without everybody’s effort.

In this special year,

we shot a group of posters named “MY ALUCOBOND®”

to present what they want to say.

At the conference, Dr. Heinz Baumgartner,

CEO of Schweiter Technologies explained the concept of

ALUCOBOND® NEXT & BEYOND to the audience,

which emphasized on ALUCOBOND®’s

never-ending and enterprising pursuit of innovation and unlimited possibilities

from exterior walls to art installations.


Dr. Tarek Haddad, CEO Architecture Asia,

proposed the concept of “ALUCOBONDING”,

the definition of which includes every employee,

authorized distributor and recognized partner of 3A Composites.

ALUCOBOND®’s achievements over the past 50 years

depend on efforts of every “ALUCOBONDING”.

This humanistic concept reflects

the spirit of enterprise and corporate cohesion of the company.


This short film depicting the ALUCOBONDING story was also shown at the conference.

At the ceremony,ALUCOBOND® also unveiled its new product

“Song Porcelain”

which is inspired by Song porcelain masterpieces.

It is also a tribute to the Chinese classical culture.


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