The “Flying” Sales Office


How can we build a sales office in 10 days?

The answer is using prefabricated buildings.Poly, as a leader in the real estate industry, has used this industrialized production method for the first time to create a modular, disassembled and reusable chic sales office. 1.0 version of the large flat building requires only 5 days of on-site construction time; 2.0 version with 7m high ceiling and 1000㎡ space requires only 15 days.

The exterior curtain wall and ceiling are all made of high-quality ALUCOBOND® aluminum composite panels, creating a simple and stylish future living experience. The futuristic metallic horizontal sequence layout stands out from the surrounding environment, while realizing the need for a wide view across the interior and exterior.The light weight, high strength and easy handling of ALUCOBOND® coincide with the needs of prefabricated buildings. The rich finishes and customized dimensions, in turn, create diversity in standard architecture and enrich the humanized space.

Poly’s sales office, which was built in 5 days, relies on UG Building Technology, a supplier of prefabricated buildings, which has transformed from automotive R&D and manufacturing with the concept of “building houses like cars”. After years of cultivation in overseas markets, it has become a widely recognized and promoted construction technology in Australia, the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In addition to the exterior curtain wall, the interior of the sales office, such as the connecting corridor and the sales hall, is full of ALUCOBOND®, and the integral application gives the building a harmonious temperament.

For real estate companies, saving time and effort is only the primary goal.
Under normal circumstances, the sales office bears the project image display, is also a carrier to reflect the project’s professional standards and brand image, more can lead to sales transactions, although the scale is not large, but often spend a lot of money to build. However, when the project is sold out, the sales office to go, only the remaining transformation or demolition of the two options, the original million of soft and hard furnishings and equipment cannot be retained.

The prefabricated assembly building, due to its “building block” like characteristics, makes it easy to carry and reassemble. After the opening of the project in Site A, it only takes several days to move it to Site B or Site C, realizing the purpose of reuse and continuous recycling.

Poly prefabricated assembly building sales office, in only 15 days, took the sales office located in Quanzhou and panned it to Zhangzhou as it was, from walls, hard furnishings, equipment, etc., all of which were recycled, saving 50% of the cost. And the space of compound function not only enhances the sales tone, but also indicates the flexible operation of city image and versatile site.

The light weight, high strength and easy handling of ALUCOBOND® coincide with the needs of prefabricated building. The rich finishes and customized sizes again enable diversity in standard construction.
ALUCOBOND®, wings to fly for prefabricated building.

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