Who is NEXT?

Hardwired in the DNA of ALUCOBOND® is the urge to constantly push the boundaries of innovation, a trait well confirmed by available big data.

Be Born pursuing Beauty

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Speaking of beauty, one may think of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces selected by TC Candler every winter. Here shows the birthday dates of the beauties as the left picture.

It is clear to see that 15% of the beauties were born in April, which is much higher than any other month. Coincidentally, ALUCOBOND® received its business license in April 1968 after relentless efforts, marking its move from the lab to the market. Born in April, it is in the gene of ALUCOBOND® to pursue beauty. This explains why ALUCOBOND® is making its way further down the road of facade design and art installations.

Be Born not Greedy

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Speaking of wealth, one may take a look at the convincing numbers of Fortune 500 companies.

It is obvious that the top three companies in the first range were founded in March, August and October, while ALUCOBOND® belongs to the second range that was founded in April, due to the fact that we never set profit-seeking as our sole target.

Profit generation is absolutely important, but ALUCOBOND® also sees quality and innovation as key priorities. Top management invests extensively in product control. For example, a new color is developed, and put under 45° exposure test in South Florida. It is also required that a new product undertakes a 13-month test cycle before its market release. When it comes to innovation, ALUCOBOND® is never satisfied with being labeled as a simple inventor and synonym for aluminum composite panels. In fact, ALUCOBOND® is committed to exploring new applications of aluminum panels, as the artwork from the previous issue, a result of its endeavors, could testify.

The pursuit of perfection and reasonable attitude towards profit-making drive ALUCOBOND® further to explore and develop its concept —— NEXT.


NEXT means no finishing point. NEXT represents constantly going beyond.

Adhering to this development concept, ALUCOBOND® has successfully explored two fields of business development in the conventional building materials sector.


Art and Architecture become a perfect match, which we named ArTchitecture. ALUCOBOND® gives play to the functionality of building materials to such an extent that what they add to the buildings are no longer a modest appearance coat, but an accurate interpretation of the art and culture embedded in the architecture.


ALUCOBOND®’s dedication to innovation has prompted it to seek more possibilities. Its strive for excellence and premium quality brings ALUCOBOND® in touch with the cultural environment. As the wheel of time rolls forward, ALUCOBOND® continues to focus on quality and details with great humility and patience, delivering a genuine sense of quality life. Innovation is exclusive to ALUCOBOND®. ALUCOBOND® bestows life into the materials, which in turn quietly depict the conception of art.


ALUCOBOND® is like an artist in his never-ending quest for nothing less than perfection and immaculate detail. Every piece of work becomes exceptional and shines in the world of architectural materials. Both imagination as well as simple experimentation inspire ALUCOBOND® to be passionate and to unleash creativity. Going beyond traditional boundaries of architecture and industry, ALUCOBOND® carries a spirit within to spark original art. Like a natural patron of the arts it constantly acquires and redefines the meaning of art. Like a grand visionary, it foresees material revolution not only from innovation of technology, but also from fusion with the “Zen” of the unbound.