How long have you not seen your true self?

Turn off the filter,

Turn off BeautyCam,

and Turn off FaceCam.

How long have you not seen your true self?

“Seeing yourself again” is a shooting plan proposed by the famous photographer Yan Zhen and his team. This time, ALUCOBOND® joined hands with HKRI Taikoo Hui Shanghai to set up the studio in the mall to showcase the true self. The protagonists are you and me, passersby without makeup.


Find your true self and present your true self.

Try to avoid makeup

and take the unfamiliar photographer as an anonymous confidant.

Get rid of the inertia of the selfie and sweet yet empty photos to show true emotions.

When the surroundings are pitch black,

only the place to be photographed is bright.

Anger, laughter and crying are all the most vivid captures.


How many years is life? How many times can you find yourself differently? ALUCOBOND®, the world’s first manufacturer of aluminum composite panels, from numerous buildings, to various interior decorations, and to fascinating modern works of art… For 50 years, ALUCOBOND® has never stopped pursuing its own possibilities.


2018 6th July ~ 5th August


HKRI Taikoo Hui Shanghai L138

The exhibition is divided into four major themes:

life is glamorous

pouring into youruniverse

get rid of your shell

rolling all naughty gravels

Besides shooting, you can also find the real us crying or laughing in the large photos on the wall. At the exit and entrance, the various versions of ALUCOBOND® artistic painting Silence, with the same style but different colors, are quietly waiting for the audience.


Plane and stereoscopic; comparison and contrast;

the true self in exploration

Let go of flash to see yourself in serenity.

Each shooting is a sincere conversation.

Show your true self in the dark studio

from one hour to dozens of minutes

All shooting services are for free

Advance reservations are needed