2018  06/07~06/27
NO.28 Shunbai Road,Beijing

ALUCOBOND® is a material supplier mainly engaged in the construction industry. Though we have gradually become familiar with conventional facade ALUCOBOND®, however, is not satisfied with the status quo. What’s the next field we should get involved in? With such a question, we began our business in the field of InSpace decoration and Collection by taking materials as a starting point. In the Architecture & Art Design Seminar, we comprehend the unbound of art.

As facade, InSpace decoration and Collection coexist in architectural space while the architecture is an indispensable and even vital carrier to urban life, we proposed the concept of “Redefining Urban Space”. We hope to embody the desire of ALUCOBOND® for material revolution in architectures, so as to realize the purpose of “Better City, Better Life”.

We chose the word “Form Redefined” as the theme of the first show. Designers will use ALUCOBOND®’s materials to make fleeting beauty in architectures immortal by abstract and diverse art forms, representing some kind of natural and unique charm. The theme of “Form Redefined” is combined with traditional Chinese culture and explains what is the figurativeness of art. As a designer who has long-term cooperation with us, Charlie Huang has a unique view on space design.

The 21-day show will be kicked off on June 7th at No.28, Shunbai Road, Beijing, China. We welcome all guests to visit the show.