ALUCOBOND® “FORM REDEFIND” Series Shows Opened in Chengdu

15th October  – 5th November , 2018
DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu, Huacai Road No.158

Following the events in Shanghai and Beijing, the “Form Redefined” series show 2018 made its way to Chengdu with brand-new exhibits this week.

The opening ceremony has had the honor of inviting YANG Xuening, renowned painter and artist, SHI Jiehong, member of China Artists Association, national Class-A artist and executive director of Beijing Hanfang Art Museum as well as LIU Yi, deputy chief architect of China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute to join and deliver opening remarks.

△YANG Xuening

△SHI Jiehong


△Openning Ceremony

The “Form Redefined” art series is a creative showcase platform under the ALUCOBOND® “Essence of Intelligence” campaign. After the successful editions in Shanghai (March) and Beijing (June), we now embrace our rendezvous in art with locals in Chengdu in the early autumn season. New forms of exhibitions will be organized next year.

In this exhibition, ALUCOBOND® once again attempted at breaking the boundaries of art by exploring the relationship between shape and definition, calling for “Redefining Urban Space” with a visual feast.

The “Form Redefined” show constantly takes on a new look. From Shanghai, Beijing to Chengdu, it is also making progress by enriching itself and bringing new surprises to the audience every time.

Through the “Form Redefined” show, ALUCOBOND® strives to convey its conception of building space, so that more people are able to experience the beauty of nature, even if they are “trapped” within four concrete walls. Everyone should be able to feel the subtle beauty of the grand nature.

In the successive exhibitions and future architectural and art exchanges, ALUCOBOND® looks forward to working with more designers to brainstorm and promote urban space concepts.

The “DOBE E-Manor” by the Dobi China Group is a garden-style office park. Bamboo forests, fish ponds, blue brick trails, gardens and covered bridges are distributed across the space. Three open atriums are interconnected with each other. 52 outdoor gardens make the office park area a real “hanging garden”.

This show would last 21 days, from 15th October to 5th November at DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu, China. We welcome all guests to visit the show.